An open database of online governance projects, organizations, and concepts

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Govbase is a warehouse of qualitative and quantitative data sets relating to the governance of online communities. Govbase is hosted on Airtable as a series of linked data tables with curated views.

Govbase is maintained by Metagov and supports a variety of Metagov projects as well as external collaborations.

The data


Govbase is organized into tables of related and interlinked data. Navigate between tables with the Airtable tabs.

For each table, Metagov has curated views to look at subsets of the data. Navigate between views with the Airtable sidebar. Each table has an “All records” view with every available row and column for the data set, in addition to filtered, sorted, and grouped views. If you don’t see the view you need, let us know and we can help you create it!


Click on the table name for further information. Click on the Govbase link to see the table in Govbase.

Table Description Examples Link
Projects Platforms, software, and research in online governance Discourse, SourceCred, Open Collective, Aragon Govbase
Organizations Organizations and communities that develop, use, or fund projects Board of directors of Facebook, OlympusDAO, Impact Collective Govbase
Structures Concepts and institutions from social science; source of labels Quadratic voting, democracy, online community, DAO Govbase
Social Ontologies Theories and frameworks within which Structures are defined Mathematical game theory, Constitute Govbase
Instances Junction table from relation “Organization uses project” “The Metagovernance Project uses Govbase” Govbase
Cases Events, experiments, and lived experiences of online communities The DAO hack, Gamergate vs Wikipedia Govbase
Documents Primary-source documents of project and organizations governance Bylaws of, License of Keybase Govbase
Constitutional Model Model of web3 project and organization governance documents Rights, values and goals defined in the Constitution of Decred Govbase
Cryptogov Survey Primary data from the Cryptogov governance assessment Analyzed survey responses of projects Govbase
Cryptogov Metrics Metrics identified for the Cryptogov governance assessment Number of nodes, Software quality Govbase
Cryptopolitical Typology Quiz Primary data from the Cryptopolitical Typology Quiz Anonymized survey responses of individuals Govbase
Entity-Decision Model Entities and decisionmaking processes involved in a project Token holders govern 1Hive by coin voting Govbase
Contract Objects Solidity smart contract objects for DAO governance frameworks Moloch’s submitProposal function, Jur’s Vote struct Govbase
Contract Parameters Solidity smart contract parameters for DAO governance frameworks termParams state variable, _voter function argument Govbase
Parameters Endpoints and parameters for a platform or service configuration Snapshot vote endpoint has parameters such as choice Govbase
Parameter Model Model of parameter patterns observed in Parameters table Voting creation, voting adminstation Govbase
Metaeth Observations Placeholder for Metaethnograpy project TBD  

Getting involved

Govbase is a crowdsourced, community effort. We’re always looking for more editors, contributors, and research partners. If you would like to do research with Govbase, contribute data, or if you have an existing mapping project that you’d like to integrate, please get in touch!

If you see that Govbase is missing a project, organization, or document you think is relevant to the governance of online communities, contribute to Govbase by adding a new entry! Fill out a submission form:

If you want to access the Airtable API, you will need an Airtable account and to request editor access to the base from Metagov. The auto-generated Airtable API documentation can be found here.